Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction and who would benefit from seeking it out?

Spiritual direction offers a way to attend to God's presence in one's life in the context of a trusted and safe relationship. Spiritual direction is a ministry of listening to and discerning God’s work and presence in your life.  The spiritual director’s commitment is to prayerfully listen to you and to provide a sacred space for you to explore and give attention to your spiritual journey.  This space allows you to carve out time in your life to seek and notice God’s movement and presence in your life.  Very little in our lives supports this type of awareness, but spiritual direction is a step towards greater awareness of God’s presence in your life.  As we become more aware of God’s presence in our lives, we find there is an invitation to respond and experience transformation in our lives.  

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Soul Sala offers space to retreat from the noise and fast pace of life. If you are in need of quiet space for your personal retreat, you can contact us to reserve space for personal retreat and reflection. Soul Sala offers one guest room for those hoping for overnight silent retreats. There are two salas, one with hammocks and the other with seating by a small pond. There is also a room used for spiritual direction, but upon availability can be used for quiet contemplation. 

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