Soul Sala Pause

Soul Sala offers space and resources to pause, rest, and be restored.  Through spiritual direction, retreats, and contemplative practices we offer a variety of ways to support the deeper journey of knowing your True Self as God has created you to be.  Life is often busy, and it can be challenging to find time to hear or notice the still small voice in our lives.  But our souls long for rest, and we long to know who we are--our identity as God's beloved.  God invites us to take time to be still and know him.  With resources and support from others, we may find it is easier to step aside and take the time to nourish our souls.  As we pause--even for a short time--we will discover that our longing to pause grows...and we begin to make more and more time to retreat and "Come away with me".  God longs to give us rest...are you ready to accept the invitation? 

         He brought me out into a spacious place... 

                        He rescued me because he delighted in me. 

                                               Psalm 18:19