Invitation to pause, reflect, and hear the still small voice.
Offering sacred space to embrace the deeper journey with God.

Spiritual Direction


What is it, and who is it for?  Spiritual direction, also known as spiritual companioning, is for all who are seeking to hear God's voice and embrace a deeper journey with God.

The Sacred Pause

Contemplative practices help us slow down and make space to notice God in our lives. Life is always moving, it takes intentionality and practice to create space for us to awaken to God in our midst.

What is a Sala?

In Thai culture a Sala is a communal place where rice farmers and spiritual seekers come to find rest from their hard labor and shelter from the extreme environment. After sheltering from the heat of the day or the passing rain and gaining rest and sustenance, they return to work.  This is Soul Sala's vision for others along the spiritual journey, a place to rest and pause, to reflect and find a companion for the journey.  All are welcome to come find rest in the shade of a Soul Sala.


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